Improved Technology


The Incas had unpaved roads running up and down their empire. Chasquis (see Specialized Workers), ran up and down these highways, carrying messages.

This is a picture of an ancient Inca road.



Other civilizations had terracing, but not to this extreme. The Incas terraced land in mountains in order to survive.
This is a picture of the remains of Machu Picchu, depicting terracing.


The Incas excelled at working with gold. They made things such as gold masks, gold jewelry, etc.
This picture depicts a gold mask made by Inca gold workers.

Farming tools

Inca farmers made many tools for farming and hearding. An example is the quipu. It was used for counting sheep and crops. It was generally made out of llama or alpaca hair.
This is a drawing of what a quipu would have probably looked like.
This is a picture of an ancient Incan quipu.

Rope Bridges

Because the Incas thrived in the peaks of the Andes mountains, they built bridges out of rope, in order to travel.
This is a photo of a rope bride built by the Incas, in order to travel through the Andes mountains.